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The Port Lands satellite map
The Port Lands

Port Lands for Our Future

On April 15th, 2016 the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne and the Corporation of the City of Cornwall signed a historic agreement resulting in the two bodies co-owning the Port Lands. The federal government divested approximately 16 acres of land, the adjoining waterlot, and the commercial wharf and also provided an endowment to cover the costs of operations, maintenance, administrative services, and future development. 

This is one of few agreements in the country recognizing joint ownership between a First Nation and a municipality. The development of the Port Lands could represent the most substantial economic development project our region has ever embarked on. 

 To work together in a spirit of good faith, mutual respect, understanding and harmony on this project, the co-owners recognized the need to appoint an organization that has the capacity to move the project forward and a deep understanding of the relationship between the two communities. ACCFutures was chosen.

In our ongoing role, we provide administrative services to the co-owners, manage regular meetings, and continue to establish a framework for the operation and success of the project.

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