For the exceptional community of entrepreneurial women of Business Sisters | Consœurs en Affaires.
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ACCÉlan is a dynamic microloan program exclusively designed for the exceptional community of entrepreneurial women of Business Sisters | Consœurs en Affaires. Reflecting the ethos of ACCFutures, ACCÉlan acknowledges the unique entrepreneurial spirit of the Business Sisters and provides financial support of up to $7500 to fuel their ventures.

ACCÉlan allows eligible entrepreneurs to secure crucial funding for their businesses. The program enables them to invest in vital equipment, essential supplies and cover other business-related expenses, facilitating a tangible advancement in their business operations.

Beyond just a loan program, ACCÉlan aims to foster success by offering affordable financing options. It empowers small businesses and encourages local community entrepreneurship by meeting their specific needs. With microloans of up to $7500, ACCÉlan not only supports the financial aspect of the business but also nurtures the unique entrepreneurial aspirations prevalent within the community.

As a strategic extension of ACCFutures, ACCÉlan embodies our vision of identifying and igniting opportunities for entrepreneurs and their communities. We at ACCFutures, are steadfast in our mission to extend comprehensive support and smart solutions to entrepreneurs. ACCÉlan strengthens our commitment to spur economic progress in Akwesasne, Cornwall, and SDG Counties, thereby helping build a stronger economy and better communities for all.

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Here's What You Need to Qualify

  • Referral from Business Sisters and Participates in Business Sisters Mentorship
  • Minimum credit score of 600
  • Provide proof of business registration, past financials, personal guarantee, and applicable documents
  • Application Fee of 1% of loan

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